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Catherine Leach

Cath Leach has over 15 years experience in communications, her love of scuba diving and deep passion for the ocean have collectively formed her resolve to start a creative movement: design as a conduit for positive change. Cath is the Creative Director and Founder of Catfish Creative, a Sydney-based creative agency that provides tailored creative and communications solutions for organisations and initiatives that work towards positive change for oceans and the planet.

Her intention – designing for good – means she is constantly seeking to develop aesthetics that engage, messages that resonate and ideas that spread. Cath and her Catfish team of contractors and finterns have worked with most of the leading marine conservation organisations across Australia and some in the UK, France and Spain. Cath is currently focussing on a new project that is taking Australia by storm: Ocean Youth, an education and rewards program that builds capacities and opportunities for bright young minds in Australia.

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