Research Objectives

1.  To understand what motivates young people (15-25) in NSW who are currently engaging with and experiencing nature in catchments, rivers, coasts and wetlands and how existing NSW organisations are inspiring and enabling them;

2.  To understand if peer to peer communication and multi modal technologies will inspire young people to value and visit nature in coastal, wetland, river or catchment environments;

3.  To understand how to integrate NSW youth in the World Parks Congress, Sydney, 2014 and develop ongoing commitment and capacity of NSW youth to inspire others with nature.

Week seek to answer the questions of…

  • What motivates young people to visit nature?
  • What motivates young people to develop a relationship with nature (value it)?
  • What motivates young people to act for nature conservation (pro-environmental behaviour)?
  • What approaches are effective in motivating young people to connect with nature?
  • How can we create a movement in NSW to reconnect with nature?

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