Our Team

The (re)Generation Project is a Macquarie University research project supported by the NSW Environmental Trust and partnered with OzGREEN.

Project Leader: 

Wendy Goldstein, Macquarie University

Manager and Research Assistant:

Jane Crowley, Macquarie University

Project Partner: 

Sue Lennox, OzGREEN


Macquarie University researchers:

Wendy Goldstein, Jane Crowley, Phyllis Sakinofsky, Margie Borshke, Belinda Bean, Richard Horsfield and Marina Harvey.


2014 project mentors:

Angela Doyle, Bronwyn Cumbo, Christina Bullivant, Fiona Banyard, Frank Calabria, Inger Shimell, Kathy Driscoll, Katie Ross, Mareshell Wauchop, Nilushi Disanayake, Sara Dupressoir, Shaheen Hajira, Sue Lennox, Tanya Howard and Zhan Patterson.


2015 project mentors:

Natasha Akib and Peter Dowson from Digital Storytellers.

What are we up to?