My name is Chrystal Rimmer and ever since I can remember I have been surrounded by nature, I have never evaded it, and to say I depend on it would be a gross understatement. I have spent most of my life roaming the parklands of the Bega Valley Shire on the Far South-coast of N.S.W.. Now, I live in Australia’s largest metropolis, Sydney, where I am currently studying for my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the National Art School. The city is a new and exciting world for me offering many experiences I would have otherwise missed, but, I am often confronted by the disconnection many of my peers experience when talking about nature and the environment . The Re-Generation Project presents a perfect opportunity to explore why so many people feel isolated from the environment and inspire those people to find the value in discovering a connection with nature and maintaining it. Working with the Re-generation project I hope to develop and improve my practice as an artist, as a storyteller, and as a advocate for sustainability and conservation.

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