by high school student and musician, Meagan (OzGREEN); with mentor Sue Lennox.

MEAGAN (16 years)

I joined The (re)generation Project to inspire young people to get reconnected with nature and experience the adventure, love and joy that can arise from being in nature. I chose this project because it was a way to connect with people through a different medium. Something people can relate to as music is a universal language that is understood by many.

I had been involved in YLTW for a couple of years and met with a bunch of friends. We felt that our voice wasn’t being be heard by society and our opinion didn’t matter and wasn’t valued so decided to write a song.

I wrote this song when I was 15, an age where you are neither an adult nor a kid and no one really cares what you have to say. I wanted to retaliate against that and make a song about having a voice and having the ability to use that voice.

I performed “Voice” at the first The (re) Generation Project camp in November 2014 and was excited by the feedback from other project participants. This encouraged me to get started on a more ambitious project of making an album.


Through my song, I am aiming to:

1. Create greater awareness of environmental pressures.

2. For youth to realise we have a voice.

3. For decision makers to understand that youth have a big stake in the future and need to be listened to.

I wanted to give voice to my own concerns and be heard. I wanted to give other people a chance to be heard and voice their concerns about the future of the planet.

We have planned to make a professional recording and video of the song to share on a blog site and social media, and to eventually write and produce an album.

I wanted to play to my strengths. I like writing songs and music and believe that people often connect better with messages through music and art.

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