My name is Jacqueline Chami, and I’m a 19 year old student in my second year at Macquarie University, majoring in Creative Writing in Bachelor of Arts. My dream is to become a published writer, whether that be working for a magazine, scriptwriting, or publishing my own books. I absolutely love reading and writing; it has always been my passion since I was little. My favourite primary school teacher noticed my passion for writing, and pulled me out of class to write a picture book. She binded the book for me and placed a copy at my school library for students to read. This experience inspired me to pursue my dream of becoming an author after school.

I heard about The (Re)generation Project from my creative writing lecturer, and immediately was drawn to the concept of nature. I believe the importance of nature really resonates for society today, as the younger generation are highly absorbed by technology. As a result, sometimes we can’t fully appreciate the present time, and don’t notice the beauty in what’s right in front of us. Also, I’ve never filmed a short story before so it should be an interesting new experience.

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