My name is Karen Fulton. I am a fashion designer and I am working alongside good friend and journalist Tess Hobbis to share my journey of sewing on the road. I grew up in the suburbs of Sydney. I am now currently travelling Australia and hopefully the world indefinitely, living and working from the back of my van. I truly believe that mother nature is one of the greatest teachers, healers and inspirations.

I run my fashion design company Zipporra from the back of the van. The concept behind Zipporra is the use the art-form of fashion design to share stories and to bring awareness to social and environmental issues that we are currently facing, in a positive way. Providing information and inspiration to get people to think and then make their own decisions after they have become aware of particular issues.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to live in harmony alongside mother nature and to create and be inspired by her.

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