‘Naturally Social’ – linking social events to National Parks with social media,

by environmental science student, Aditi; with mentors Christina and Sara.

ADITI (19 years)

My name is Aditi and I am a nineteen year old university student in my second year of a Bachelor of Environmental Science. ‘Naturally Social’ allowed the passion I have for the environment to be shared with other young people, whilst educating them about the importance, value and wonders of nature.

Voluntary research in social and environmental science on behalf of Macquarie University was a key motivation to join the project. However having an educational influence on young people was also an inspiration. The like-minded, personal and professional connections made and experiences gathered add to this value.


The Naturally Social initiative aimed to reconnect young people to nature through social activities. Using social media, such as Facebook and Pinterest, the project sought to share stories and promote activities happening in the Greater Sydney region, thus increasing the sense of value that young people have for the environment. Targeting 15 to 25 year olds, the Naturally Social Facebook page promoted a series of events to determine the effectiveness of social media and events in bringing young people closer to nature.

By offering a social platform to encourage young people to be socially active in nature, the project aimed to increase visits to natural areas. Being social in nature is oriented to encourage learning through sharing personal stories and experiences. Nature is where young people can be encouraged to experience the wild, free, beautiful and transformative environment.

The Naturally Social initiative and the (re)Generation Project have increased my perception and understanding of the environment. I no longer perceive issues relating to the environment as scientific and analytical, but rather as issues combining social and environmental science. Through active research and attendance of the IUCN World Parks Congress, I have gained many valuable connections and have grown to be a more socially active person for my community and beyond. The research project has been one of my greatest achievements, as it has inspired me to continue working with young people, making them advocates for sustainability.

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