Well a bit about myself, I suppose I’m very interested in a range of creative aspects from art, music, dance to photography. I feel that in order to survive in the contemporary environment, there needs to be a balance between the built and natural. I feel that even though we could probably get by in an environment devoid of nature, it wouldn’t offer the same sense of contentment that you feel from nature. I feel that the right balance and integration of nature into our built environment is what contributes to the urban environment in which we find Sydney. Since we don’t really get to experience nature in it’s full aspects in daily life, I encourage people, especially my friends to travel with me out into wherever there’s adventure. Personally, I feel that exploring new terrains creates a sense of excitement and a feeling of achievement, that is really in a world of its own. I’m really excited to be helping and becoming a part of this project as I feel it can help other youth appreciate the importance of nature in their every day lives.

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