I have always loved to tell stories. Stories can be told while hanging out with friends or over a family dinner; through facebook chat or through films, books and videos. The main thing is to connect with others and to inspire. Everyone has a story to tell and so does nature – if you are listening. Stories can change the way we see the world and in doing so it can change the world itself. I want to change the world and I have a lot of stories to tell you that will help us do it. The story that I am telling through the regeneration project is about a little boy and his connection to nature. It is inspired by my own experience with asthma as a child and my nephew’s recent diagnosis of asthma. It portrays how the little boy copes with loneliness, while being out of school for a few months because of his illness, by connecting with nature. I hope that this short film will portray the healing effects of nature on a person’s mind and body. Nature should be given the love, respect and recognition it deserves not just because of its usefulness to us but because with or without us it is amazing and self-sustaining.

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