My name is Tess Hobbis, I’m a student journalist at UTS, an aspiring writer/filmmaker and an avid nature junkie. I grew up on the beaches of Port Macquarie, and even from a young age have felt most comfortable when I am out exploring the great outdoors. I am teamed up with the talented Karen from Zipporra, and aim to tell her inspiring story; a fusion of fashion, environmental conservation and the adventures of a rad chick living and travelling around Australia in her van.

I first contacted Karen to see if she could help me out with a story I was doing on ethical fashion, and when she told me about The (re)Generation project I jumped at the chance to be able to share her story amongst a platform where so many other likeminded young creatives were using the art of storytelling to evoke positive change for the environment.

I am very much drawn to the art of storytelling and, similarly to Karen, am passionate about promoting gratitude of nature, so involvement in this project just seemed a perfect thing to do. Meeting so many other young people who are just as passionate has only been an added bonus!

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