“Urban (re)Generation”

by design and planning students, Alex, Sean, Nina and Charlie; with mentors Katie and Nilushi.

“Urban (re)Generation” is run by four tertiary students with an interest in natural and sustainable urban forms in response to the lack of opportunity to engage with nature in urban areas. It considers bringing nature into the everyday life of young people, by addressing the existence and accessibility of nature in the urban realm.

The project draws on inspiration from international cases of community design and re-imagining of disused urban spaces. The collaborative ‘regeneration’ of the site (example sites include disused public land, car parks and disused lots) would be achieved through community workshop and design process, with a target audience of 18-25 year olds across a range of fields.

A trans-disciplinary approach has been taken in order to allow for a diversity of skills and knowledge to develop a rich and rounded project, for a wider variety of young people to engage in “Urban (re)Generation”.

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