Welcome to Animal Behaviour at Macquarie

Research Overview and Facilities

Macquarie University is home to a community of internationally recognised Animal Behaviour research groups. A diverse approach is undertaken to explore different facets of behaviour including learning and memory, navigation, neuroethology, sensory biology, communication, foraging, sexual selection and sociality. Our research covers vast temporal, spatial and taxonomic scales. Temporal scales span from mechanisms regulating moment-to-moment changes in behaviour to evolutionary processes which have been operating over millenia. Spatial scales reach from cellular and molecular to geographic. This research area supports a wide range of projects and we welcome enquiries from potential students, post-doctoral fellows and research visitors.

At Macquarie University we have large outdoor areas, animal enclosures and behavioural testing laboratories to examine behaviour in natural, semi natural and laboratory situations. We have access to local and remote field sites for studies in nature. Our new laboratories are equipped for neurochemical and genomic analyses and we have an excellent microscopy facility.

Photo credits and © (left to right): Simon Griffith, Adam Stow, Steve Schoech.