Dr. Bret Church

Structural Biology, Structural Bioinformatics and Proteomics

My group at the School of Medical Sciences, University of New South Wales is interested in a number of aspects of protein structure and rational drug design, leading us to areas of structure validation, integral membrane protein structure analysis and docking. Specifically we have specific collaborations examining a number of targets relevant to Alzheimers, Schizophrenia and Inflammation. We retain an interest in protein crystallography as one of the mainstays of structural proteomics. Our recent research results will be presented.

Present Position

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology School of Medical Sciences University of NSW, Sydney, NSW 2052 Australia

Short Biography

A PhD in Protein Crystallography on a small copper protein at the University of Sydney, was followed by work on a number of medically relevant proteins at the University of Alberta, Canada as a Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research Post-doctoral Fellowship (1989-1992). A period in industry followed in Silicon Valley, California with Biosym Technologies (1992-1995). Upon return to Australia in 1995, structural bioinformatics was established at the Garvan Institute for Medical Research, on the St. Vincent’s Hospital campus, Sydney (1995-2000). In 2001-3, was involved with setting up a new teaching program at the University of Sydney, which provided courses for the Bioinformatics degrees. In 2003, received the Sydney University Selby Award. I have been an active participant in the Sydney Protein Group and involved in the organisation of a number of conferences, including most recently the MM2004, in Sydney.