Bioinformatics Group Members


Prof. Shoba Ranganathan

Group Leader

Shoba Ranganathan holds a Chair in Bioinformatics at Macquarie University since 2004. She has held research and academic positions in India, USA, Singapore, and Australia as well as a consultancy in industry. Shoba’s research addresses several key areas of bioinformatics to understand biological systems using computational approaches. Her group has achieved both experience and expertise in different aspects of computational biology, ranging from metabolites and small molecules to biochemical networks, pathway analysis, and computational systems biology. more..

Dr. Abidali Mohamedali

Associate Lecturer – Science Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Abidali is a Lecturer at Macquarie University in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. He completed his Ph.D. in 2010 studying, using proteomics, the effects of single mutations in mouse model on brain development in the autism spectrum disorder, Rett syndrome. He then returned to Macquarie university undertaking a post-doc to study the biology of metastasis in colorectal cancer using proteomics and to determine novel therapeutic targets and develop novel technologies to examine the plasma proteome. more..

PhD Students

Amara Jabeen

Zainab Noor

Dean Southwood