Gagan Garg

Contact Details

Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences,
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Macquarie University
Sydney NSW 2109 Australia
Phone: +61 (2) 9850 8292
Fax: +61 (2) 9850 8313

Academic history

  • Currently pursuing PhD in Bioinformatics from Macquarie University, Australia
  • Graduate Diploma in IT from University of Ballarat, Australia (2007-08)
  • Master of Applied Science(Molecular Biotechnology) from The University of Sydney, Australia (2006-07)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Biotechnology) from Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak, India (2002-06)


  • Ranganathan S, Garg G: Secretome: clues into pathogen infection and clinical applications. Genome Med 2009, 1:113
  • Garg G, Ranganathan S: In silico secretome analysis approach using next generation sequencing transcriptomic data. BMC Genomics 2011, 12 (Suppl 3), S14
  • Marcilla A, Garg G, Bernal D, Ranganathan S et al.: The transcriptome analysis of Strongyloides stercoralis L3i larvae identifies targets for intervention in a neglected disease. PloS NTDS 2012, 6:e1513
  • Garg G, Ranganathan S: High-throughput functional annotation and data mining of fungal genomes to identify therapeutic targets: Laboratory protocols in fungal biology:current methods in fungal biology. Editors: Vijai Kumar Gupta, Maria Tuohy, Manimaran Ayyachamy, Kevin M. Turner, Anthonia O’Donovan. Springer, New York, USA. Invited book chapter, in press, ISBN 978-1-4614-2355-3