Areas of Interest and Research Focus

Our key areas of interest are Computational Structural Biology, Sequence Variations, Biodiversity Informatics, Cheminformatics, Drug Designing and Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis

Computational structural biology

  • Applying computational methods to identify potential T cell epitopes for vaccine design
  • Mapping disease causing mutations (especially in human) to protein structures for genotype-phenotype correlations
  • Identifying the characteristics for structural domain interfaces to predict potential protein interactions

Variations at genome, transcriptome and proteome levels

  • Alternative splicing events by whole genome comparisons
  • Characterizing background variations from deleterious changes
  • Biomarkers discovery from a Boolean based integrated approach

Computer-Aided Drug Designing

  • Identification of novel and more potent lead compounds against disease targets
  • Application of molecular dynamics simulation and docking strategies to study potential drug-receptor interactions
  • Characterization of protein structural modifications using advanced computational techniques

Image result for biodiversityBiodiversity informatics and cheminformatics

  • Australian aboriginal medicinal plant relevance and distribution
  • Bioactive characterization
  • Cheminformatics studies of drugs, toxins and metabolites for predicting novel therapeutics