CBMS 201/621 – Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Unit Description: This unit introduces students to biochemistry and cell biology, providing an understanding of cellular processes which allow cells to synthesise and breakdown nutrients for growth and to communicate with other cells. This unit provides students with the basic knowledge of cellular structure, cell communications and the biochemical reactions which drive growth and development of cells in a variety of contexts. The unit will introduce key biochemical concepts such as enzyme catalysis, compartmentation, metabolic regulation and the flow of energy within cells in the context of intermediary metabolism. The laboratory component of the unit emphasises the interpretation of quantitative data and the experimental basis for our current ideas and developments in cell biology and biochemistry. Laboratory practical sessions will alternate with tutorials covering lecture and practical topics.

Unit Convener: Professor Shoba Ranganathan

When Offered: S1 Day – Session 1, North Ryde, Day

Unit Guide : CBMS201 and CBMS621

Timetable: CBMS 201/621 timetable 2018

Important enrollment information for students: Tutorials (2 hrs) and Practicals (3 hrs)  are held on alternate weeks on the same day and the starting at the same time. So, please check your timetable for maximum 3 hours during one of the 223/623 practical sessions for enrollment.