Amara Jabeen

Contact Details

Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences,
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Macquarie University
Sydney NSW 2109 Australia
Phone: +61 (2) 9850 8276
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Amara Jabeen is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences at Macquarie University. She is working on functional annotation of odorant receptors using bioinformatics approaches. She is predicting the structures of olfactory receptors through computational methods. She has worked on genome-wide analysis of T6SS proteins in Acidovorax avenae subsp. avenae, Acidovorax avenae subsp. citrulli AACOO1 and Acidovorax avenae subsp. avenae ATCC19860 through bioinformatics approaches. She has also worked on structure prediction of Lipase H and bioinformatics analysis of Lipase H and Extracellular matrix protein 1 (ECM1).

Academic history

  • PhD in Bioinformatics from CBMS, Macquarie University, Australia (in progress)
  • Masters in Bioinformatics from International Islamic University, Pakistan
  • Bachelor in Bioinformatics from International Islamic University, Pakistan


  • Jabeen, A., Mir, A., Jabeen, N., Khattak, J.Z.K. and Riaz, N., 2013. In silico modeling of lipase H. African Journal of Biotechnology, 12(16).
  • Wang, Y., Shi, Y., Li, B., Shan, C., Ibrahim, M., Jabeen, A., Xie, G. and Sun, G., 2012. Phosphate solubilization of Paenibacillus polymyxa and Paenibacillus macerans from mycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal cucumber plants. African Journal of Microbiology Research, 6(21), pp.4567-4573.
  • Ibrahim, M., Shi, Y., Qiu, H., Li, B., Jabeen, A., Li, L., Liu, H., Kube, M., Xie, G., Wang, Y. and Sun, G., 2012. Differential expression of in vivo and in vitro protein profile of outer membrane of Acidovorax avenae subsp. avenae. PloS one, 7(11), p.e49657.

Research Interests

  • Protein Structure and Function Analysis
  • Computer-Aided Drug Designing
  • Data science