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Diamond Laser Group

Diamond Laser Group

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Jul 2016: Our book chapter on Intrinsic Optical Properties of Diamond is now available on free download courtesy of Wiley.

May 2016: New ARC Linkage Grant (in collaboration with M-Squared Lasers UK) on high spectral brightness lasers just announced.

Dec 2015: New publications coming out on the important optical properties of diamond: Raman gain coefficients and the effects of in-grown stress.

Oct 2015: See our contribution to an historical piece on Dr Gisela Eckhardt's crucial role in the discovery of stimulated Raman scattering, published in Physics World. "Gisela Eckhardt and the Raman Laser" by V. Pasiskevicius, R. Mildren and D. Burman

Sep 2015: We have been accepted in the Postdeadline Session at Advanced Solid-State Lasers Conference in Berlin. Oliver Lux and Soumya Sarang present a novel method of single longitudinal mode operation.

Aug 2015: Diamond laser power increases by 20 times - see Laser Focus World article and Phys.Org article.

Jun 2015: Along with U of Strathclyde, we are highlighted for diamond laser achievements by Element 6 in Laser Focus World.

Jun 2015: New publications coming out on Raman amplifiers, ultrafast diamond, and 0.4 kW diamond lasers.

May 2015: Huffington Post have spotted our research on UV effects on diamond surfaces!

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