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Diamond Laser Group

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Jan 2021: Want to generate randomized polarizations directly, with quantum-assured true randomness? Our idea is published in this article and there is some background here (press release) and in articles here (New Atlas) and here (OSA Optics and Photonics News).

Oct 2020: We are learning more about the strange world of UV laser etching of diamond. Our new paper in Carbon shows the intricate way nanopatterns emerge as function of the surface symmetry and laser polarization.

Sep 2020: We have found that UV etches diamond about 10 times faster in dry oxygen. New paper in Applied Physics Letters.

Apr 2020: Dr Xuezong Yang's paper is out on single-frequency diamond lasers for sodium excitation. Published this week in Optics Letters and highlighted by Laser Focus World. Press release is here.

Feb 2020: Our first journal publication on diamond Brillouin lasers finally emerges! See the press release, Laser Focus World article and SciLight.

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