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Diamond Laser Group

Diamond Laser Group

PhD Scholarships Available Now (domestic and international)

PhD candidates - projects with international scholarships now available in diamond Brillouin lasers and high-power diamond lasers for space/quantum applications. Contact us directly by email (link below) to find out more.

Click here a full list of PhD topics currently available

Contact Rich Mildren.

Latest News

Jan 2024: We show it's possible to etch and engineer the surface chemistry of a material with sub-monolayer accuracy using a laser beam only - no plasma or vacuum equipment required! Published in Applied Physics Letters, this work of PhD student Mojtaba Moshkani reveals yet another curious effect in diamond.

Dec 2023: Congratulations Richard Pahlavani! - winner, PhD poster prize at the ANZCOP AIP Summer Congress in Canberra. The paper was entitled "Frequency Stablized 589 nm Diamond Raman Laser".

May 2023: Are you seeking up-to-date data for all your nonlinear optical materials? We are pleased to support the work of Nathalie Vermuelen and Eric Van Stryland in their collection of post-year-2000 data for nonlinear optical materials. Just published - find it here.

Mar 2022: Our collaborators at UTS have reported a novel single photon source for QKD based on boron nitride (Press Release)

Mar 2022: Our collaborators at CERN have reported conversion of broad linewidth pumps into nice single-frequency output using monolithic diamond resonators (published in Optica).

Jan 2022: We're up and running in 2022 following a big lab detox and cleanup!

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