Survey Status: Complete

All of the data from the HOPS project have now been published: maser catalogues (high-res, low-res), NH3 (1,1) and (2,2) data (Paper II) and an analysis of the dense melecular gas. The associated data-cubes and electronic catalogues are available via the data products section of this website.

HOPS data viewer

Peak temperature maps from selected HOPS datasets are shown below in the Chromoscope viewer. These images were constructed from the brightest spectral channel at each pixel. In order to bring out the weakest emission, each data cube is smoothed in both position and velocity.

A full-screen version of the viewer is available here (opens in new window).

Use the slider to fade between different transitions and MSX IR images. You can pan by clicking and dragging the image, or zoom using the '+' and '-' buttons or the scroll-wheel on your mouse. To re-arrange the order of the transitions simply drag a label up or down the slider.

Last modified 6th June 2017.