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Optical Biomedical Imaging and Sensing


Biomedical Physics (BMP) is a research group at Physics and Astronomy Department, Faculty of Science, Macquarie University.  The group is also integrated into MQ Biofocus Research Centre and MQ Photonics Research Centre.

Our group research activity is multidisciplinary and best described as situated in the areas of Biophotonics and Nanotechnology, with particular focus on optical biomedical imaging.  We aim to advance optical imaging techniques on two fronts: firstly, towards observation of the smallest cellular structures at the level of individual (bio)molecules; secondly, towards imaging live cells and biological tissues, rather than fixed cells and biopsy samples.  The first research thrust is realised by labelling biomolecules with luminescent nanoparticles.  We have developed an arsenal of these suitable luminescent nanomaterials, including nanorubies, upconversion nanoparticles, luminescent nanodiamonds.

Ever increasing use of nanotechnology products raises a public concern on the safety of nanomaterials.  We address this concern investigating nanotoxicology aspects of sunscreen that contains zinc oxide nanoparticles. 

Nowadays, our group is a dynamic team of academics, researchers and students interested to solve important problems in biology and medicine by using advances in the areas of physics, chemistry, and material science.  

For those interested to do a PhD study in our group, we have several scholarship opportunities offered by Macquarie University.