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Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences - Organic Geochemistry

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Organic Geochemistry


Welcome to the Macquarie University Organic Geochemistry group's web pages!

We are a group of ~10, including Professor Simon George, 5 PhD students, and various numbers of masters students (Master Resarch and Master Geoscience) and visitors. You can find out more about what we do by following the links on the left.

OG Lab people

Group members together in September 2013. Sophia Bratenkov (PhD), Carl Peters (PhD), Yaohui Xu (visiting Professor from Yangtze University, China), Kostas Kotzakoulakis (PhD), Shirin Baydjanova (Master Research), Simon George (Professor), Tim Leefmann (postdoc), Luo Qingyong (visiting PhD student from China University of Petroleum), Souma Abbassi (PhD), Yosuke Hoshino (PhD).