Cloud Computing – Clusterous

Clusterous allows you to package your code in the form of Docker containers and deploy on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. It has been developed by Sirca within a SIEF funded project.

                     Clusterous on Github


It is aimed at scientists and researchers who want the on-demand compute power that AWS offers, but don’t have the necessary time or technical expertise.


  • Scalable cluster via adding and/or removing nodes
  • Shared volume accessible to all nodes
  • Central logging system available for your applications
  • Reusable and redistributable environments
  • Customisable architecture (master-salve by default)
  • IPython parallel and Apache Spark environments demos provided
  • Commands to upload or download your data to and from the cluster
  • Secure connections to the clusters via SSH tunnels
  • Own virtual private cloud (VPC)
  • Private docker registry
  • Setup wizard
  • … and many more

Clusterous Workshop

A hands-on workshop was held at Macquarie University in April 2016 to demonstrate Clusterous. Video of the workshop can be viewed here (Part1 and Part2). The document with complete instructions to accompany the presentations can be downloaded here.