Open Science Web Database

In order to facilitate an open and collaborative research environment, where the impact of scientific research can be improved, our industry partners, Sircahave established an open science web database to provide access to data collected from a range of nonlinear laser systems.

This endeavour was part of a Science & Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF) project “Big Data Knowledge Discovery: Where Machine Learning Meets Natural Science”.

The database is hosted on cloud in Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service (S3). A web based portal provides an easy way to access the data:

Go to database


There are a range of datasets available, recorded over wide operating parameter spaces from several different types of nonlinear laser systems including:

  • semiconductor lasers with optical feedback,
  • solid-state laser with optical injection,
  • integrated multi-section photonic chip lasers.

The data is stored in HDF5 file format. Instructions for accessing data in this format are provided here.

A seminar given by Prof. Deb Kane at NUSOD in July 2016 provides some information about the features of the database. The presentation slides can be viewed here.