Welcome to SparrowNet


SparrowNet is a collaborative community of researchers studying avian reproduction across Australia and New Zealand, in response to climatic variation. We are using a comparative approach and standardized protocols, including nest boxes and marked populations, to understand the breeding biology of the house sparrow (Passer domesticus) across the variable climates and environments of the region. The introduction of this species in the 1860’s provides an excellent opportunity to understand how animals adapt to new climates, and can provide insight into the way the endemic birds of our region operate.

Broadly, the network aims to address the following questions:

  1. How do house sparrows time their reproduction to climate variability across the region?
  2. How do individuals tailor the investment they make physiologically into reproduction across climatic variation and long reproductive seasons?
  3. What life history characteristics, behavioural and physiological adaptations confer climatic resilience on house sparrows in our region?

Collaborate with us

We are currently seeking collaborators in Australia and New Zealand who are interested in assisting with the establishment of local research infrastructure (e.g. nest boxes and marked populations of house sparrows), the development of the project framework, and to participate in ongoing research.