Publications & Talks

Refereed Publications

  • SPLASH: The Southern Parkes Large-Area Survey in Hydroxyl - First Science from the Pilot Region
  • Dawson, J. R., Walsh, A. J., Jones, P. A., Breen, S. L., Cunningham, M. R., Lowe, V., Jones, C., Purcell, C., Caswell, J. L., Carretti, E., McClure-Griffiths, N. M., Ellingsen, S. P., Green, J. A., Gomez, J. F., Krishnan, V., Dickey, J. M., Imai, H., Gibson, S. J., Hennebelle, P., Lo, N., Hayakawa, T., Fukui, Y. & Mizuno, A.
    2014, MNRAS, 439, 1596

  • Unusual Shock-excited OH Maser Emission in a Young Planetary Nebula
  • Qiao, H-H, Walsh, A. J., Gómez, J. F., Imai, H., Green, J. A., Dawson, J. R., Shen, Z-Q., Ellingsen, S. P., Breen, S. L., Jones, P. A., Gibson, S. J., Cunningham, M. R.
    2016, ApJ, 227, 26

  • Accurate OH Maser Positions from the SPLASH Pilot Region
  • Qiao, H-H, Walsh, A. J., Green, J. A., Breen, S. L., Dawson, J. R., Ellingsen, S. P., Gómez, J. F., Jordan, C. H., Shen, Z-Q., Lowe, V., Jones, P. A.
    2016, ApJ, 817, 37

  • Towards a three-dimensional distribution of the molecular clouds in the Galactic Centre
  • Yan, Q-Z., Walsh, A. J., Dawson, J. R., Macquart, J. P., Blackwell, R., Burton, M. G., Rowell, G., Zhang, B., Xu, Y., Tang, Z-H., Hancock, P. J.
    2017, MNRAS, in press

Selected Conference Talks

  • SPLASH: Probing OH in the Milky Way
  • Annual General Meeting of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 3-8 July 2016, Sydney

  • SPLASH, GASKAP and Galactic OH
  • ASKAP 2016: The future of radio astronomy surveys, 6-10 June 2016, Sydney

  • First Science From SPLASH
  • 2013 ATNF/AAO Bolton Symposium, 2-3 Dec 2013, Sydney

  • Making a SPLASH With The Dish
  • Annual General Meeting of the Astronomical Society of Australia, July 7-12th 2013, Monash

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