Prof. Ian Paulsen

Recently awarded the Australian Laureate Fellowship, Prof. Paulsen’s’ research has focused on understanding microbial physiology and evolution, in particular in utilising ‘big picture’ or global approaches such as genome sequencing, metagenomics and systems biology. This new project “Building virtual cyanobacteria: moving beyond the genomics era”… Read more.

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Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) Prof Sakkie Pretorius

Professor Pretorius is renown for excellence in yeast molecular biology and is internationally recognised as a pioneer in molecular microbiology and biotechnology, and the translation of research outcomes to industry. Currently, Sakkie is the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) at Macquarie University and enthusiastically shares his passion for Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

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Prof. Helena Nevalainen

Professor Nevalainen is experienced in the commercialization and application of microorganisms for industrial processes. Helena’s research interests are focused on the molecular biology and enzymology of biotechnologically important filamentous fungi, in particular Trichoderma reesei.

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Prof. Nicki Packer

Professor Packer’s focus is in investigating the post-translational modification of proteins by sugars (glycomics). Sugars are usually expressed on the surface of the cell and are therefore the first molecules involved in cell-cell contact. They are thus integral to the function of many crucial cellular processes such as cell growth and development, tumour growth and metastasis, blood coagulation, immune recognition and response, cell-cell communication, microbial pathogenesis, fertility. Nicki has also recently been successful in obtaining an ARC Centre for Excellence in Nanoscale Biophotonics.

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Prof. Michael Gillings

The unifying theme of research in Professor Gilling’s laboratory is the investigation of genetic diversity using DNA markers and sequence analysis. Over the past 10 years Michael have worked on viruses, bacteria, fungi, plants, invertebrates, sharks, bony fish, birds and mammals. He has developed a range of molecular methods for rapidly assessing genetic and functional diversity in genomic DNA and in DNA extracted directly from environmental samples (metagenomic DNA).

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Prof. Rob Willows

Rob is a leading researcher in Porphyrin biosynthesis and metabolism. His projects also investigate how biological processes have the potential for innovative industrial application such as how nanostructures may perform mechanical work at the molecular level.

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Dr. Jennifer Hallinan

Jennifer is a senior lecturer in bioinformatics in the School of Biological Sciences. Her expertise is modelling of cellular biochemical pathways.

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Dr. Louise Brown

Louise is a senior lecturer in CBMS and her research focuses on ‘pushing the limits’ of structural techniques to reveal structure and movement in large dynamic protein complexes. Louise is an enthusiastic teacher and driver of Macquarie University’s highly successful iGEM teams. View Louise’s Protein Biophysics Group website.

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Dr. Tom Williams

Tom completed his PhD. at the University of Queensland. Tom is skilled on the engineering of yeast and is currently driving the production of a synthetic chromosome XIV as part of the global Sc2.0 project aim to build an entire synthetic eukaryote genome.

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Dr. Natalie Curach

Natalie’s research experience has focussed on gene expression and heterologous protein synthesis in filamentous fungi. Currently, Natalie is the laboratory manager for the Synthetic Biology Facility at Macquarie University.

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