From a young age, I have lived near and explored our oceans. Sharks have always fascinated me. I’m fourteen and have only recently realised that human negligence has shaped the future of sharks and now their species is in jeopardy. But I have learnt that one person can make a difference and with the right tools, I can make my voice heard and hopefully inspire other youth to look past the reputation sharks have.

Where I live, kids are raised to care about the natural world. Most kids worry about CSG, deforestation, bees and whales. Although we were raised to fear sharks, I decided to stand up for the animal I fell in love with.

Madison Stewart, Shark Girl, greatly contributed to my passion for conservation. I saw how her film affected many people and changed their perception of sharks. This project will allow me to do the same and help raise awareness. We cannot fight this fight alone. Sharks are crucial in their ecosystem. Crucial, vulnerable, and being slaughtered all over the world in unimaginable numbers. I will help you see them how I see them.

I want to tell their story.

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