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Importance of Nature
  • ‘Valuing trees: What is nature worth?’ – A 2014 report from Planet Ark on how Australians value green spaces.
  • ‘Neighbourhood greenspace and health in a large urban centre’ – A 2015 scientific report on how residents in Canada feel better and have fewer health problems when there are more trees on their street.
  • Needing trees: The nature of happiness’ – A 2015 report from Planet Ark on how contact with nature affects people’s life-long happiness and the physiological impacts it has on the brain.
  • ‘202020 Vision Plan’ – The 202020 Vision is one big collaboration to make our urban areas 20% greener by 2020. They’re good for our health and productivity, keep cities cool and reduce pollution. People even heal faster when they’re around them. Yet, so often, plants and trees are overlooked when plans are drawn and concrete poured. Other related research papers here.
  • Connectedness as a Core Conservation Concern – Mathew Zylstra has undertaken research on nature connectedness and what that means. He suggests that being in nature, “we eventually give greater currency to the emerging inner stillness that awakens our senses. In shifting our focus from inward to outward, we become more aware of our surrounds. We begin to relax and pay attention, open to whatever may arise. We appreciate the isolation and solitude, the presence of family, the companionship of a friend and the entirety of the setting which cocoons the connections with ourselves, others, nature and, sometimes, the transcendental. As nature’s beauty unfolds in our awareness, we feel increasingly privileged, humbled and appreciative.”
Young People and Nature
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