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Welcome to VegeSafe! 

Click here to participate in our soil metal testing VegeSafe program.

Get your household vacuum dust analysed via our new DustSafe research program: '360 Dust Analysis'.


VegeSafe is a community science participation program run by Environmental Science staff at Macquarie University. We are the only service of this kind in Australia!

We seek to inform the community about metal and metalloid contaminants in their garden soil through our soil metal testing program. Participants receive a formal report with their soil results and are provided with links to information and advice about "what to do next" in the event of soils containing elevated concentrations of metals and metalloids. We accept soil from all Australian states and territoriesWe do not accept soils from overseas due to Australian quarantine regulations. 

The principal staff involved are Professor Mark P. Taylor and our lab technican Ms Kara Fry   

For 5 years VegeSafe has been operating as a pro bono service to all Australians. In order to keep the program running and accessible to all, VegeSafe soil metal testing program needs a small donation from participants. We ask if you could consider providing a donation to support the work of the program, starting from $20. Your donation covers the time involved, and costs of soil analysis and laboratory consumables. Please note: your donation covers up to five samples submitted, it is not per sample.

Soil samples can be sent with a $20 note, or a $20 donation can be made to support our program via the following link:

Our motto is "Carry On Gardeningbecause this is exactly what we want people to do - in the knowledge that their soils are metal free as is the produce from their gardens.

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