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Meet the team

VegeSafe is a community science participation program run by Environmental Science staff at Macquarie University’s Department of Environmental Sciences. The key staff involved in this program are: Professor Mark P. Taylor, Ms Kara Fry and Mr Max Mclennan-Gillings.  

Professor Mark P. Taylor

Mark is an environmental scientist with long-standing research and community interests in environmental metal pollution and human health issues. He has completed multiple research studies investigating the source, cause and impact of environmental pollution across Australia. He has also worked on international land, air and water pollution issues in Africa, Europe and the USA. 



Ms Kara Fry

Lab technician

Ms Fry is a Macquarie University Masters of Research student, interested in environmental management and contamination assessment. She joined the VegeSafe program in August 2018 after becoming passionate about contaminants and human health following the Department's first field trip to Namibia in July 2018. 


Mr Max Mclennan-Gillings

Lab technician

Mr Mclennan-Gillings is a Masters of Research student with an interest in spatial and earth sciences. He joined the VegeSafe team in Februrary 2019 and has participated in numerous heavy metal field assessments in Broken Hill, Namibia and Noumea.


Why we’re doing it?  

We seek to extend our network of community involvement so that we can provide a more routine service to members of the community in the interests of public health and environmental protection. The program seeks to inform people about metals and metalloids in their garden soils and ways to protect their families from accidental exposure. 

Our goal is to provide members of the community with relevant information about their veggie gardens and backyards to help minimize exposure from environmental contaminants so that gardeners can enjoy home grown food without being concerned about the quality of the soils. This is why our motto is "Carry on Gardening".