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We are open for business - please send in your samples

The VegeSafe program began in September of 2013 at Macquarie University’s Open Day event, where we offered free soil metal testing to attendees.


In order to keep the program running and accessible to all, the VegeSafe soil metal testing program needs your support.


We ask that you consider making a small donation to support the work of the program. Donations received cover the time involved, costs of soil analysis and laboratory consumables and support for related research. For example a $20 donation (please feel free to provide more support) would cover the cost of up to five samples submitted for testing.

If you have a vegetable patch or are concerned of metal contamination in your backyard, we encourage you to participate. Follow these three easy steps:


Step 1: Complete the necessary VegeSafe


Consent form

Step 2: Collect your soil samples by following our

Soil Sampling Instructions

Step 3: Together with the completed Consent form, send in your soil samples to:



Professor Mark Taylor

Department of Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Macquarie University

NSW 2109 Australia  

Things to consider before sending samples to VegeSafe


Soil sample size: An ideal sample size (per sample) would be between a golf ball and a cricket ball, and would fit inside a small ziplock bag (see below: $20 note for scale). If you have small ziplock sandwich bags, then the sample should take half of the bags space.




Turnaround time: We strive to provide a fast turnaround time (3-5 weeks) for our participants. However, we can often be busy with other academic duties at Macquarie University such as teaching, research, experiments, field visits and conferences. We aim to return your soil metal testing results within one month of recieving your samples, yet there may be instances where we recieve many samples at once, and results may be slightly delayed. 


Your donation covers up to five samples submitted, it is not per sample.


Soil samples can be sent with a $20 note (or more if feeling generous!) - however we would prefer donations that support our program to be made directly via the following link: Support VegeSafe